We offer two formats for catering (NEW!), and we deliver*!

Both options allow you to choose additional side salads to complement the meal.

1) FALAFEL BAR (order form below):

We'll set it food onsite at your office or event, in separate bowls and platters - you may know this style as our standard format. A fun, unique, and tailored way to serve your team. (If you're ordering for people with dietary restrictions, this is the way to go!)

2)  WRAPS (click here to get re-routed):

Order a combination of wraps with falafel, or falafel & chicken; they come packed with salads and sauces. They're a great option if your team wants a no-fuss, grab-n-go lunch. (sorry, we aren't able to modify the wraps, but they're delicious as is!)

We'll bring a table menu, and allergen labels, to help sort out your team's dietary needs.

Platters can be delivered in most cases. PLEASE NOTE: We accept orders based on our operation's order capacity that day - order more than 24 hours ahead for the best chance at getting on our schedule! We strive to say "yes" to your order request.

Minimum guest count for either format of catering: 10 people.

*We deliver for 10-20 people if you're within walking distance from our Oakland shop. For over 25 people, we can deliver to some surrounding towns. Just ask! 

In general, we can not accept next-day orders if placed after 4pm.

We retired our food truck in June 2016. We are not able to provide a food truck for your event. This page is for catering platter service only.

This order request is for our Falafel Bar format. 

Want wraps instead? Click here.

Delivery Date *
Delivery Date
Set up and Ready To Eat BY: *
Set up and Ready To Eat BY:
Groups LESS THAN 25 people, choose group size:
For catering orders under 25, we only offer catering for 10, 15, or 20 person platters. Choose the size most relevant for your team. Catering starts at $13/person.
Company Name *
Company Name
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Would you like a variety of house-baked cookies? *
Cookies are $2/person. (We may not be able to accommodate larger orders if they're in the next couple days, but we'll do our best!)
Would you like a variety of bottled, cold drinks? *
Beverages are $3/person, and include a variety of natural soft drinks (no artificial colors or sweeteners) and seltzers (no sugar).
Do you need paper goods and serving utensils? *
No additional charge.
If you'd like to additional salads or sauces, choose below. or skip this section, scroll down, and hit SUBMIT.
You may want additional sides because you know your team are big eaters, or because you see something extra special that doesn't otherwise come with the meal. (We have a great track record with providing plenty of food for the average office)
Small: serves up to 15 people, $12 / Medium: serves up to 50 people, $32 / Large: serves up to 100 people, $62. /// Estimated servings below reflect item as part of an array of salads.
Persian Cucumber-Cabbage Salad
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Red Cabbage with Toasted Black Sesame Seed
Organic Mixed Greens
Small serves up to 20 people, $8 / Large serves up to 40 people, $14 /// Estimated servings below reflect item as part of an array of sauces.
Beet Hummus
Zhoug Hot Sauce (green)
Harissa Hot Sauce (red)
Raita Yogurt Sauce